Predator Grappling Shorts by Black Eagle

Black Eagle, England’s biggest martial arts supplier for the past 6 years have gone head first into the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu market with exceptional Jiu Jitsu Gi’s and grappling shorts, it is no surprise the company is gaining steam worldwide with not only incredibly attractive designs, high quality fabric , and customer service second to none, but are also leading the way in fighter sponsorship in Great Britain and abroad. With the fight shorts market as saturated as it is , Black Eagle have invested in their debut of grappling shorts with the new Predator line in hopes that outstanding craftsmanship and word of mouth advertising will lead the way in brand name recognition for years to come.

Black Eagle’s grappling shorts for the masses are designed to withstand rigorous training sessions and their fabric of choice is 100% polyester.  With their marketing of the Predator brand of Jiu Jitsu gear and equipment, outstanding customer service and high quality gear at affordable prices, be on the lookout for the Black Eagle name in more Jiu Jitsu tournaments.

The Predator comes in featuring breathable material made of 100% polyester, for those nights of sweaty training sessions, standard velcro closure and drawstring tie. They also feature white and blue company logo embroidered on the right side of the leg. High quality stitching into the fabric make for durability and longevity.  A stretch liner between the crotch area makes for full range of motion and an inside pocket suitable for holding a credit card or photo ID rounds out the features of the Predator line of grappling shorts, with durable fabric and high quality material it is sure to turn heads and have questions asked , ” What kind of shorts are those? ”


Now on to the review.

The Predator Grappling Shorts during grappling felt somewhat ” loose ” , it might be due to the way England’s sizing is different , but i wear a size 34-36 normally depending on the way the shorts are made. I ordered a Large due to the websites sizing stating  Large – Waist size 34-36 inches. 

Comparable to my Sprawl Fusion shorts i really enjoyed the incognito styling, with minimal logos and slits in the sides. The velcro at times would dig into my skin after rolling , but again it may be due to the larger size. The stretchy material between the shorts legs made for ease of movement. Care has been made to embroider the logo into the fabric, the eagles on the left side of the shorts are not embroidered in, but are screen printed with quality. I would give these shorts 4 out of 5 stars.


-Subtle styling

-Embroidered logos

-Breathable material


-Velcro closure

-Inner pocket



-Larger sizing

-Polyester at times felt “scratchy” on the skin

Overall the Predator Grappling Shorts are a great entry level short for the budget minded fighter. There are other shorts on the market with similar features but at a much higher price. For great grappling shorts at a great price, put Black Eagle Predator Grappling Shorts on your list .

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