KINGZ 420 Light BJJ Gi Review

One of the newest companies to manufacture BJJ kimonos today is called KINGZ Kimonos, they offer 3 models of gi’s to choose from. Starting with the 420 Light model, the RipStop model and the Comp model.

Currently available through they are  based out of Milwaukee, WI and have been selling Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA gear at affordable prices since 2008.
They sent us the 420 Light model to review and right out of the gate you can feel the difference. The biggest draw to this Kimono among it’s other key features , is the weight of it ,not the actual material but how truly light it really is ! To appreciate the weight of the Kimono you must hold it , feel it, touch it .

Over the course of the review you may find me being drawn to that feature over and over , as you may already know weight is a big factor when choosing a Kimono because you will see that when you roll and perspire, the fabric tends to soak it all up thus adding mass to your jacket and pants. When you start out with a light gi such as the 420 Light from KINGZ you are already starting with  an advantage.

The KINGZ 420 Light starts at $129.95 so it begins at the mid priced range of typical Jiu Jitsu gi prices, very affordable considering the quality and craftsmanship of the gi, but the price increases as the color changes, and as you go up in model. This particular model we are reviewing is the 420 Light white in color  and they sent me a size A2, which i typically wear a size A3 in any other gi brand ,with that ,we are under the impression that the sizes run big, we’ll touch more on that later.

According to the manufacturer the specs on the 420 Light are as follows. 420 gram 100% cotton coupled with 210 gram Rip Stop pants similar to the Atama Mundial Rip Stop, so this gi is incredibly light yet strong,  but enough with the small talk, let’s get on with the review!

The Jacket:

At first glance the jacket may look and seem like any other ordinary jacket, and that’s understandable considering there are hundreds of Jiu Jitsu gi’s on the market today to choose from, at a time when the sport is growing and evolving ,so too are the gi manufacturers KINGZ Kimonos included.

The KINGZ Kimono jacket is made of a Pearl Weave rice grain pattern and incredibly lightweight in addition to  it’s strength. The collar is made of vulcanized rubber and the cuffs are a true BJJ fit . The sizing on the KINGZ Kimono are bigger than your typical BJJ gi maker , so dimensions should be studied and scrutinized for a perfect fit before ordering.

Rolling in the jacket it felt like i had almost nothing on, if not for the grips my opponent was dishing out i wouldn’t have felt a thing rolling,. The jacket is nice and light and the fit was perfect in the sleeves and chest , the skirt kept coming undone , but that may have been to the rolling session and not the gi itself.

If in doubt  with sizes, contact their helpful staff are knowledgeable and friendly and ready to answer any questions.

The collar is made of vulcanized rubber , lightweight  and rolling in the gi , it  didn’t feel as though it became troublesome from collar choke threats. Although thinner than any of my other gi collars , it is super strong and held up fine during intense live rolling.

The shoulder patches are stitched on with a tight tolerance stitch so fraying should be kept to a minimum, for those of you who wish to have less bling, you may want to remove the shoulder patches if you know how to do it , but let me warn you, the stitching is really tight so it can be a daunting task to attempt a thread removal, but it can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your view on how you like your BJJ gi to look .

The only thing we found that separates the jacket from bling to non-bling in our honest opinion, and some people may agree ,  are the shoulder patches.

They  feature the gi make and model along with the company logo,  and a crown, some  may comment the patches may be  ” too much ” , but personally i like them, they give a contrast to the jacket found in some other Kimono’s like the Manto Champ, or the Manto 3.0 BJJ gi and, well they look awesome!

Again i cannot stress enough how lightweight this gi is, in my opinion it is something hardly seen in BJJ gi fabric or if it IS made by any other manufacturer, it would have to cost significantly higher due to the quality of the weave, also made of one piece fabric, the jacket features triple reinforcement in the high stress areas like the armpits and the skirt slits. An attractive seam tape runs across the bottom of the jacket skirt which surprisingly doesn’t match the gi pants, but more on that later.

The KINGZ Kimono logo sits at the bottom left  of the skirt and amazingly it features the model of the gi in the actual logo. Normally gi companies put a generic logo somewhere on the Kimono and put  the model of the gi elsewhere, KINGZ Kimonos decided to put the model AND logo in one shot, our guess is to reduce cost on the overall price of the Kimono. The skirt sizing on this particular model has a standard length for an A2 size, not too long, and not too short.

I can truly expect other gi makers to follow suit on the jacket design and weight , a very high quality fabric makes for an incredibly strong and lightweight Kimono along with an affordable price for a mid level gi , makes for a recipe for success.

The Pants:

The pants of the KINGZ 420 Light are just as light as a material as the jacket, an invaluable asset for any grappler , it can be said if you aren’t trying to gain an advantage , you aren’t trying to win. Made of Rip Stop material the pants are made with 210 gram fabric weighing only 8 ounces they are  so light, when held up to a light source you may be able to see right through them!

But while light and comfortable the pants are just as strong as the jacket, featuring a 6 belt loop system found in newer gi designs, they helped to maintain mobility  during scrambles and transitions. We were somewhat dissapointed that the seam tape found on the gi jacket was nowhere to be found on the pants anywhere. We assume it may have to do with cost and practicality , but given the attractiveness of the tape on the jacket, it would have made for a nice touch.

After consulting with the manufacturer the lack of a seam tape is not accidental , as the samples being made with the tape were not as strong as without, they DID attempt to add the same seam tape on the pants , but due to impracticality they opted to not go with it at all as it would breach the strength of the pants overall.

KINGZ Kimonos opted to go with a flat drawstring over a bungee cord, and we didn’t see any unravelling during training nor did we encounter any pros or cons.

The knees are reinforced with your typical knee reinforcements found in other BJJ gi’s .

The stock photos on show a person wearing the gi with the pants cuffs flaired, and there is a reason for that. The initial flairing is caused by the sextuplet stitching on the pants cuffs, that help to keep the pants cuffs stiff yet strong, again as an innovative design being implemented by other gi manufacturers as well so look for various BJJ gi makers to follow the design ( see photos in the photo gallery for details ) .

The most interesting thing we found on the KINGZ Rip Stop pants is the spandex infused crotch area, a unique feature not found in any other gi maker ( as of this publishing ) we wondered why  other gi companies didn’t think of that first!

The spandex helps with mobility of the legs as to not restrict movement and it also helps to reduce the overall weight of the pants. We are hopeful that during the maiden roll the material will hold up nicely, but since it is a thin piece of fabric made of stretchy material we aren’t sure at this point.

Initially the pants fit to the correct length, i prefer to have draping pants due to the bending of the knees when in side control or mount and various positions of the like and to prevent the riding up of the pants leg. I stand 5′ 9″ and the A2 pants rode up when the leg was bent 90 degrees to about between the ankle and calf .

If you are the type of grappler who likes their pants baggy , then take note of the measurements and order a size closest to your own measurements so as to have plenty of room in the pants overall.


Training went well when testing out the KINGZ 420 Light, no tearing or weakness noted on the initial roll, fitment of the gi jacket and pants were great other than the pants being too short , and the spandex material made for adequate ventilation and mobility, the lapel and skirt felt IBJJF legal ( consult with a professional or manufacturer for IBJJF legal fitting ) and the collar felt strong with no issues.

Post wash measurements were taken after cold water wash and 24 hour hang drying we found the shrinkage was to a minimum. The pants still fit fine and the jacket also fit as good as out of the package ( see post wash measurement photos for details ).

While we feel there is no such thing as a perfectly made Kimono, some features stand out more than others, and the KINGZ 420 Light has many features not found in any other gi.

We give this Kimono a 4 out of 5 stars. ****

The gi top was amazingly soft and lightweight  but it would have received 5 stars ( perfectly rated )  due to the issue of the fitment of the pants we found and the possible over achieving on the shoulder patches on the jacket we opted to give it 4 stars instead.

The low weight of the gi is what we found very interesting and appealing, and we can certainly see other gi makers following the trend in the fabric of choice ,while the rip stop ultra light pants made for strength and durability we feel the KINGZ 420 light is here to stay.

In Conclusion:

The KINGZ 420 Light Kimono is an excellent choice for any BJJ player wanting to have a strong and super light gi in their gi rotation, i can see the 420 Light becoming a force and other gi makers should take foot notes because a new design has stepped up to the plate in BJJ gis.



-Strong and lightweight gi jacket

-Aesthetically pleasing to the eye

-Clean look


-Strong and Lightweight Collar

-Affordable/good value ( 420 Light in White )

-Minimal shrinkage post wash

-Spandex material in crotch area

-Fabric on jacket felt soft and tolerable throughout rolling


-Fitment/length of the pants ( personal preference )

-Some grapplers may not like shoulder patches

-Seam tape missing on pants



For more information and to order your KINGZ Kimono 420 Light, visit