Bad Boy Single Weave Jiu Jitsu Gi Review

For most of you who have been around mixed martial arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu , for years have known about a company called Bad Boy fight wear. I had the privilege of purchasing a single weave Bad Boy gi because my Century judo gi was becoming ratty and worn, riddled with blood stains and tears. I got it for a reasonable price since most quality gi’s run anywhere in price range  from $90 all the way up to the $200 range.  The single weave Bad Boy gi consists of a white belt,  a jacket and gi pants. These gi’s can be purchased directly through  Bad Boy Fight Apparel for around $99 or just about  anywhere BJJ gi’s are sold.

I received the gi neatly packaged in a plastic bag , and packed  in a box. My first impression was it was thick kind of like my Century double weave gi and sturdy. It almost feels like a Pearl weave but thinner, but not thin by any means of the imagination since it is a single weave gi. I stand 5′ 9″ tall and weigh 195 lbs, the jacket skirt is somewhat long compared to my Ouano but about the same as my Judo gi, perfect for landing those lapel chokes from the closed guard.

The sleeves were a  perfect fit initially for my long arms except after several washes, the sleeves shrank, but  the lapel feels very strong.  It comes with attractive shoulder patches stitched on both shoulders and at the bottom of the jacket the American flag, the Brazilian flag and the Japanese flag are displayed next to the Bad Boy logo. Although the patches are sewn on and not embroidered, they seem to be sewn on tight.

It’s a very tough gi that can be bothersome for a single weave if someone is used to having a lighter, summer, single weave.

The pattern is a typical rice pattern material with no seams and is made of one piece. The pants have the typical single weave drawstring found in most gi pant manufacturers, and is also made of tough denim-like material but made of 100% cotton . The knees are reinforced from the middle of the thigh to the bottom of the knee, so durability shouldn’t be a problem. The Bad Boy eye logo is stitched into the left leg at the lower part and a Bad Boy patch is located at the upper left of the pant leg. The gi is stylish but not too mainstream. Partly due to lack of advertisement in the United States. Bad Boy is a Brazilian company founded and headquartered in Brazil.

Overall this gi is a decent buy for the money , if on a budget and wanting to purchase an ok gi that is made by a company who was founded on the heels of early mixed martial arts, then Bad Boy is the one for you.   Overall i would give this gi a 2 out of 5 stars, the cut and shrinkage were more than a gi at same price even after hang drying and cold water washing ,so an alternative for the same price of the gi would be better suited.




-Weave feels more like a Pearl than a single





For more information visit Bad Boy Apparel and Fight Gear