20 Classic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Armbars

We discovered 20 classic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu armbars while surfing the web , and did some research as to who was teaching the techniques in this dvd. Well i never knew there were so many different variations of the armbar. Professor Thadeu Vieira does a great job explaining how the technique is done and covers different angles. He also goes on to explain the different ways the arm bar becomes non effective when done incorrectly. Thadeu Vieira owns and teaches at Thadeu Vieira World Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy in Sarasota Florida. Professor Vieira is a 2nd degree black belt under Master Paulo Wesley Lopes.

Arm bar setups include from the mount, when in side control, performing an arm bar when in scarf hold and so on . I enjoyed watching this dvd since it goes into detail and the arm bars are performed over several camera angles . The official arm bar listing are ;

01. Classic armbar from the mount
02. Armbar from the mount ‘BJJ’
03. Double armbar from the mount
04. Standing armbar pulling to the guard
05. Flying armbar
06. Armbar jumping to the guard
07. Helicopter armbar
08. Armbar from the butterfly guard
09. Double armbar from the guard
10. Inverted armbar on the defense of the armbar from the guard
11. Armbar from the north-south control
12. Armbar from the side control
13. Armbar from the headlock control
14. Armbar during the headlock escape
15. Armbar from the turtle position reversal
16. Inverted armbar from the turtle position reversal
17. Armbar from the back grab
18. Armbar from the turtle position
19. Armbar countering the O-zoto-gari
20. Street armbar

So if you want to sharpen up your arm bars or just want to learn a new one or maybe you want to learn the finer details we suggest getting 20 classic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu armbars. When executed perfectly the armbar is difficult to escape. Watching this dvd will fill you in on several techniques and point out the ways on which they should be done correctly and ways in which they will not be effective.

At an affordable price of $19.99, this dvd can help you add tools to your armbar techniques
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To give you an idea of Professor Vieira’s teaching methods here is a sample video.