Fight Quest: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Fight Quest Season 1 – Korea & Brazil

For those who haven’t had the privilege of watching one of the only few mainstream shows that feature Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in it’s purest forms, a few years ago the Discovery channel had a show called Fight Quest . In it’s first and only season Fight Quest had the opportunity to travel to Brazil, the motherland of modern day Jiu Jitsu and train alongside some of the most decorated Jiu Jitsu players today. The hosts, Doug Anderson and Jimmy Chambers, had to undergo a grueling training session, each separate from one another only to compete in a friendly academy only competition.

While in Brazil, Doug and Jimmy are trained in the art of Jiu Jitsu by two of Rickson Gracie black belts , Breno Sivak and Renato Barreto, both of which make the hosts life miserable during training.

In Brazil the old saying goes, ” If your training is unbearable, unbelievable and unfit for a human, then your fight should be no big deal.”  In other words the harder your training, the easier your fight. Doug gets choked almost unconscious with a crucifix choke, so his trainer Breno suggests some neck strengthening exercises. While Jimmy drills armbar technique and really focuses on the details.

Again we see the old world style of Jiu Jitsu endurance training in the documentary in which Breno suggests that Doug train mercilessly on  the beach and sand, drilling takedowns on the opponent and rolling over a shoulder while getting wet in the old world style of misery training. All the while Doug gets sick and vomits uncontrollably.

While this documentary is an excellent look into the other side of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu , it does leave some elements of  the ever growing sport left out. Like history, visionaries and what the future holds for Jiu Jitsu.

Doug and Jimmy do an excellent job of bringing this martial art home to viewers of the Discovery channel, training with some of the sports greatest athletes and practitioners. The training and lifestyle are found nowhere else in media form. One would have to steadily research the art to bring what the Discovery channel has been able to accomplish with just one episode on one show.


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