Featured Academy March: Red Dawn Combat Club.

101-06 Queens Blvd Forest Hills NY 11375 Inside of the Genyukan Dojo. Red Dawn Combat Club is run by Leonardo […]

101-06 Queens Blvd
Forest Hills NY 11375

Inside of the Genyukan Dojo.

Red Dawn Combat Club is run by Leonardo Xavier purple belt , and head instructor/academy owner, Michael Botier.

Hailing from Queens NY ,in the heart of Forrest Hills and a Leonardo Xavier Jiu Jitsu Association authorized school, Red Dawn Combat Club , focuses on teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in a safe,but competitive approach. RDCC is proud on making sure students get exposed to the full understanding of techniques before they begin to “roll”, or “spar” live. Michael Botier’s students are ensured to get the best workout, learn techniques that are useful in BJJ competition, as well as in real situations on the street. The RDCC program incorporates Judo and Sambo into their Brazilian Jiu Jitsu curriculum to make sure students are exposed to grappling as a whole and not to a limited approach or method of grappling that is only considered “ground fighting”.

Beginning with a grassroots approach to teaching ,and coaching Jiu Jitsu, owner Michael Botier’s Red Dawn Combat Club trains in the Genyukan dojo, a traditional Aikido school. Michael Botier plans to expand to his very own academy once the facility becomes too small to incorporate his students size. As head instructor for RDCC, Michael trains alongside his students to assist in the learning process of which is Jiu Jitsu, and attending and participating in Jiu Jitsu competitions to help motivate his students to do the same.

An incredible facility to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, RDCC has it’s main focus on safety and in a healthy learning environment. Where other academies fall short, RDCC in Queens NY has some of the best Jiu Jitsu instruction in the New York Area.

Red Dawn Combat Club’s curriculum includes leg locks , even at the white belt level as they feel that with proper instruction and guidance, even grapplers fresh to the sport can benefit.

I care more about motivating someone to better their life by helping them gain self confidence, increasing their overall health, and providing a great environment for people to enjoy training BJJ. If I never win a world championship, I will not lose any sleep. It would be great absolutely. But my true goal is for when my time comes on this earth and I am looking back on my life I can say to myself with no doubt that I may a difference in someone’s life.

– Michael Botier