World Jiu Jitsu Expo Super Fights 2012

Well, ladies and gentleman another great weekend of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu filled action and excitement has come and gone, taking place at the World Jiu Jitsu Expo in Long Beach California ,we bring you some great matches from that night courtesy of Youtube .

Due to copyright claims, all videos have been removed .


Caio Terra vs Jeff Glover.


In this technical fight Jeff attempted to bait Caio into taking his back, which he much obliged and Jeff got into a little trouble until later in the match .



In this next match, Kyra Gracie vs Alexis Davis, after some grip fighting, Kyra gets caught in an armbar attempt, one of the few times we have seen Kyra get into trouble.

Great grappling by females in action

Lucas Leite vs Rafael Lovato Jr was a great match, with some great techniques being shown by both competitors .

In this next fight Kron Gracie , son of legendary BJJ athlete and superstar Rickson Gracie, fights Victor Estima , one of Gracie Barra’s best competition fighter and we see Kron get into trouble early on. With Victor constantly attacking the points awarded may not reflect the way the fight went.

You decide .

Paragon representative and 27 time Grapplers Quest champion Bill Cooper vs Nino Schembri

And lastly , the super fight between Braulio Estima and Nick Diaz sadly did not happen this time. Braulio made an announcement to the crowd stating his dissatisfaction with the no-show Nick Diaz.

Hopefully we will see the fight soon .