Water And The Benefits For Jiu Jitsu

The benefits of water are astronomical, since our bodies are made up of anywhere between 55 to 75 percent water ( leaner people hold more water due to the muscles holding more water over fat ) we need a constant stream of a hydrating source, to maintain peak physical condition. Since Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a sport that relies heavily on the conditioning aspect like a good cardiovascular state, we tend to lose fluids at a rapid pace. On a normal rest period the human lungs expel between 2 to 4 cups of water a day just through normal breathing, add an intense training sessions like grappling and you begin to see how much water we actually lose in terms of sport training. Maintaining hydrated is a key component in the success or failure of your overall BJJ performance, and dehydration is a dangerous by product of having an intense sport to be in.

A person would have to lose about 10% of their body weight in fluids to be considered dehydrated, but just as little as 2 % can affect athletic performance cause tiredness and inhibit critical thinking abilities on any given day, Maintaining hydrated can help to prevent kidney stones, keep your joints, like knees and elbows lubricated it can also help prevent sickness such as colds or the flu.

Water is a vital nutrient to your health, it makes up on average 60% of your total body weight and every system is dependent on water. Lack of proper fluid levels can lead to a condition known as dehydration, a condition that occurs when you don’t have sufficient water in your system to carry on normal everyday functions. Even mild dehydration – as little as a 1 to 2 % loss of your body weight in fluid – can deplete your energy and make you fatigued.

Symptoms of dehydration include:

Excessive thirst
Dry mouth
Little or no urination
Muscle weakness
Cramping in the muscles.

Several ways to stay hydrated can include eating foods high in water content such as oranges , cucumbers , grapes, apples, pears, and normal drinking throughout the day before starting your training session can help reduce the chance of dehydration. There is a misconception of staying hydrated and normally it is thought that you must drink water after you become thirsty and thirst is a good indicator of when you should drink more water, but when you get to that point you have already lost a significant amount of fluid and are at risk of becoming dehydrated.

One of the best ways to maintain hydrated through your training sessions is to start drinking sufficient amounts of water through the day before you start a long grappling regiment .
Maintain water readily available so at a moments notice you can take a drink when you are feeling sluggish or thirsty, listening to your body and the signs associated with dehydration can help you avoid the condition that plagues so many grapplers who do not drink sufficient amounts of water before starting to train.

Because we normally lose water throughout the day through breathing, sweating whether noticed or unnoticed, urination or saliva it is important to drink plenty of water right up to the point that you get to your BJJ academy to prevent water depletion and dry or cotton mouth. Thirst can hinder your ability to think clearly when you’re in the midst of grappling because it moves focus away from your thought process of what to execute next and moves it to your thoughts of taking a drink of water. If you have ever noticed during your sparring session that when you become thirsty during live action rolling, you have the feeling of having the desire to stop to take a drink.

Following a few simple common sense rules can help you maintain hydration before, during and after training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and since we train for sport or self defense, maintaining hydrated can help you think more clearly on your toes. Stay hydrated and train hard.