Updated IBJJF Rules Available Now

The IBJJF have recently added revisions, changes and additions to their official rule book detailing the do’s and do not’s of all IBJJF sanctioned events. It is a good idea to study the handbook if you are going to be competing , attending a referee course or if you simply want to learn the new and updated rules and  changes and regulations of one of the biggest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu governing bodies in the world today.

Many competitors may not know what is legal or not legal before attending and thus some of them pay their entrance fees, only to find out later they have become disqualified for for whatever reason for something they were never aware of and reading the newest version in English can help avoid that situation from coming up.

The IBJJF handbook has several new changes and additions with 42 pages in length ,  be sure to read the entire chapter relevant to your situation.


Click Here for the newest IBJJF handbook in PDF format