Team Lloyd Irvin BJJ Students Arrested On Rape Charges

Over the New Years Eve holiday it seems as though 2 of Team Lloyd Irvin students had been in a ” gang rape ” style of assault on a fellow female team mate and it was apparently all caught on surveillance tape.

matnickMatthew Maldonado and Nicholas Schultz of Clinton, MD are accused of repeatedly raping a 20 year old woman from Fairfax VA , in the parking garage of  St. Matthews Cathedral parking lot after she ran into them at an area  club , they promised t take her home according to police but instead ended up in the parking garage where the crime took place.


Police say the victim told them that Nicholas Schultz had even told her ” I am sorry , i am  a sick bastard ” during the assault.

Lloyd Irvin had issued a statement saying ” There has been a horrible alleged incident that occurred that involved 3 people on my comp team. This is a legal matter that I am not authorized to speak on and has nothing to do with me personally. However, for you idiotic people who come on my page to attack me for the actions of two grown men, let me make something very clear to you:

I don’t care if you hate me, my marketing, my team or anything I do, but let’s not lose sight of the REAL issue here. A young lady was allegedly harmed. Someone who is a friend, a student of mine and who knows she has my full support during this difficult time.

This is not a laughing matter or a time to try and turn your personal dislike for me or my team into an irrelevant story.The focus should be on the well-being of this young lady. Do not take away from the severity of these charges by trying to make it about me. This could be any one of our mother’s, sisters or daughters and I take this very seriously

For the record I was just with this young lady this morning and she is looking forward to working towards her goal of becoming a bjj world champion. Anyone that attempts to come on my page and attack me during this serious time is beyond sick!”


The stranger story connected to the incident is that Lloyd Irvin himself was involved in a similar incident in 1987 , being accused of and participating in a gang rape, but was ultimately acquitted. ( Click Link for 1987 story ).


We hope that justice is served if it is proven these two men were involved in such a horrific incident, while they do train BJJ, let it be know that this is not the norm in our small , tight knit community, let the actions of those involved be strictly about those involved and not about the sport we have grown to love .

We will  keep you updated as more information is available.


As of 11/20 the jury in the Schultz/Maldonado case had found the defendants NOT GUILTY.