TapouT Geo Unisex Gym Bag Review

The TapouT Geo Unisex Gym Bag is a great buy for the budget minded grappler. The bag comes in at one of the most inexpensive, quality brand name bags on the market . Plenty of other gym bags can be had for about the same price but with less features than the TapouT Geo bag. Of course if budget planning is not on your mind  then the TapouT Geo gym bag may not be the best choice for you. But if you are a budget minded person looking for great deals on great gear, this bag may be the best option available.

Made of 100% polyester it features the large TapouT logo on the outside , stitched into the material for added durability and overall quality on one side, and screen printed on the other. The polyester material features the TapouT logo in black throughout the bag and has two compartments on either side, one of which is made of mesh for breathablity.

The only thing we were concerned about is the styling of the bag. The TapouT logo made for too much “bling” as one of our testers had put it, and although it may be tough and durable, it may have too much of a ” notice me ” look to it. Nonetheless we would trust in the TapouT brand of gym bags in the future because of the experience with the Geo gym bag.

The dimensions are 23″ wide, 13″ high and 12 1/2 ” deep, enough volume size to carry around 3 properly folded Jiu Jitsu gi’s. The double hand straps have a 7 inch drop with velcro strap attached to one side, and the adjustable shoulder strap makes for easy carrying when going to train mma or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It has a removable bottom liner and has an internal bag for storage of keys or wallet.

We tested the durability over the course of 30 days , with different types of gear inside , carrying clean, and dirty gi’s , sandals, water bottles, towels, joint braces and several ways to store keys and this bag doesn’t even have a scratch. No rips or tears noted and no blood stains either.

We give this gym bag a 4 out of 5 stars.


-Great price


-Large enough to carry Jiu Jitsu gi’s/plenty of storage space

-Fast shipping

-Name brand


-Too flashy/logo’s may be too big for some


Overall great bag at a great price , ordered exclusively through Amazon the shipping was fast ,as Amazon’s reputation for quality customer service and fast shipping is known for.

Priced at $19.99 USD, no other quality gym bag comes close for the price.

Order through Amazon to get your TapouT Geo Gym Bag