Ronin Brand Insignia BJJ Gi Review

Ronin Brand BJJ Gi’s have been around for approximately 4 years now, since starting the company Kinji San out of Brooklyn New York ,have been on a whirlwind of new and up coming Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi’s. Our Latest review is of the Insignia by Ronin Brand BJJ Gi’s , and if it is anything like the Fighter we had the opportunity to review previously then we are in for a real treat.

Packaged Neatly In A Protective Clear Plastic Case

Officially stated by Ronin Brand the specs of the Insignia are pre shrunk 450 gsm Pearl weave jacket with 8.5 ounce twill cotton pants and most importantly the Eva Foam collar weighing together at only 4 lbs ,retailing at $119.99 it stands at the low range price of mid level BJJ Kimonos and the retail price had us looking at each other asking ” really? ” .

They sent us the blue Insignia in size A3 to review and it came neatly packaged in a strong plastic packaging/protective cover , great care was taken to package the Insignia that we had a pretty good feeling about the Gi itself and once removing it from the package it was clear as to why we felt this way.

Removing the Gi it looked heavy in it’s initial inspection, without ever having touched it we can see why that might be the assumption but during inspection we found the jacket to be light and aesthetically kind to the eye. Although it was a size A3 it did run a little bit bigger than other A3’s we have had the pleasure of reviewing, but in the end it did maintain high comfort levels due to this feature.

Now on to the review!

Insignia Jacket And Pants Together

The Jacket:

A true BJJ cut , the Insignia leaves other more expensive Gi’s in the dust beginning with  the sleeve embroidery clean and very well placed just slightly lower off the shoulder and mostly inconspicuous, clearly with a no frills grappler in mind Ronin Brand set out to build a Kimono made for practicality over bling and showmanship. Constructed of a fine Pearl Weave the durability of the Kimono after several rolling sessions came out as strong as any Gi with a higher price tag.  The thickness of the collar made of EVA foam made for great collar choke defense and the overall weight of the Gi made for an easy roll session. The only thing we felt was counter productive was the way the EVA foam collar felt too stiff and at first was difficult in manipulating, only after several rolls and washes did the collar become more relaxed and easier to move and make for a greater lapel choke threat on our opponent.

Seam Tape On The Inside Of The Jacket

Inside of the jacket we found attractive seam tape lining the stitching that runs along the bond of the fabric and although we found it very nice in detail, the initial feeling was we had wished for a more rounded edge so as to not scratch the skin when becoming perspired. A trait we found to be troublesome at first but by the time warmups had finished we didn’t even notice it was there.

The Pearl weave was as comfortable as any other BJJ Gi made the same way and found it neither good nor bad , we found the comfort to be a neutral point and no other observation was made.

The sleeve length is perfect and the skirt was a typical BJJ cut length that stayed put with the belt on during live rolling. If any indication that the Insignia was like the Fighter Gi we can expect there to be minimal shrinkage in the sleeves and we had measured before and after to find out.

A Perfect Roomy Fit

Aesthetically the deep blue color of the dye made for several curious questions as to what type of BJJ Gi it was and curiosity run rampant before training.


The Pants:

Made of 8.5 ounce cotton twill fabric , the pants were as strong and as light as a BJJ Gi fabric can get, we are huge fans of cotton pants since Rip Stop can be strong, but lack the elasticity needed for scrambles and mobility in certain circumstances and compared with the Fighter BJJ Gi by the same company we did prefer the Insignia for these exact reasons. The only difference we found between the two Gi’s was the pants giving the slight edge to the Insignia for simplicity, comfort and mobility.

The Insignia uses a flat drawstring with a 2 belt loop system found on most other standard BJJ Gi’s and we found the drawstring much longer than any other Gi , not a bad feature per say but something we felt worth mentioning.

8.5 Ounce Cotton Twill Pants

The cuffs also sport the typical sextuplet stitching found on the Fighter BJJ Gi designed with strength in mind preventing tearing due to opponent grips. A plain look with seam tape running along side the length rounds out the features and with no patches it serves its purpose with room for whatever you choose to put on , maybe some school patches, maybe some iron ons or whatever you may decide to do to bling up your pants.

Very light and airy we love the pants as even a standalone feature for the simplicity and comfort level.



The Insignia by Ronin Brand comes as a standard BJJ Gi with just

Pre And Post Wash Measurements

enough identifying marks to make it different with an affordable price and with enough features to make it a winner amongst other top brands using similar cuts and fabric. Ideal for the recently promoted student looking to expand their line of Gi’s or the seasoned grappler looking to improve their game by implementing a sturdy collar with a high level of collar choke defense available in a great BJJ Gi.



The before and after measurements , we found shrinkage was kept to a minimum due to the pre shrunk fabric of choice by Ronin Brand and we find this to be a huge asset.

While others claim to be pre shrunk the Insignia delivers with little to no shrinking and we found it to be true as claimed.

In Concluson:

The Insignia is a no frills quality Gi designed to withstand rigorous training sessions while maintaining comfort and durability, the strong Pearl weave found in the Insignia was made for a long lasting BJJ Kimono that should with care last for years on the mat.With a reasonable price tag of $119.99 there is no reason a rising BJJ grappler can’t have a fine Kimono in their rotation at an affordable price.

Ronin Brand has done it again with the Insignia and with growth and evolution in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu today , expect Ronin Brand to follow suit as well.

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-Thick collar

-Light for a Pearl Weave

-Deep blue color

-Seam tape

-Minimal logos



-Seam tape in jacket scratchy

Sizing runs big

-EVA foam collar was stiff initially






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