How To Properly Fold A Jiu Jitsu Gi

The Jiu Jitsu gi ( and any other gi for that matter ) can be folded perfectly and properly if you know how to do it. It really is very easy, about as easy as folding regular pajamas and with just a little bit of practice can be done quickly and efficiently.  This tutorial on how to properly fold a Jiu Jitsu gi is assuming your gi is clean and bacteria free.

The trick is to know approximately when to fold from the bottom up for a perfect , tight fold that you can store in your gym bag or if you will be storing the gi for an extended period of time. If you travel frequently and wish to fold the gi tight to fit into your bags, it can be done so using the following tutorial.

Step #1.

Lay out the gi top flat and across an equally a flat surface like a table or even the floor. Try and brush the wrinkles off and keep the sleeves flat to get a good fold . Fold the pants in away from the belt loops and tuck the drawstring to the inside towards the gi top to keep them away making it easier to fold.

Step #2.  Fold the lapels towards the pants and make it as flat as possible.

Step #3 . Fold the lapels one at a time starting with the left sleeve and lapel and fold towards the inside , folding the sleeve onto itself so as to keep the fabric tight. Do the same to the right sleeve and lapel .

Step #4. Starting from the bottom roll the pants and gi towards the top, this is where your spacing is crucial, try and keep the fold about 6 inches each , eye balling the folds as you roll up towards the gi top.

Step #5. As you fold up keep an eye on the way the gi is being folded , if it feels uneven , unfold and start over changing the size of the fold for optimum tightness.

Step#6. Once you get the gi top and pants folded nice and tight feel free to wrap your belt around your gi if you would like , this step is optional as you may be stuffing the gi into a bag but if not, you can carry your gi around carrying it by the belt like a back pack.


This method of folding is not recommended after you wear the gi, the sweat will cause the fabric to swell making it difficult to fold and if you do fold it while it is sweaty, it will most likely promote bacteria growth, so only fold when it is clean.