Online Training vs Mat Time: What Can Be Beneficial?

We’ve seen the Youtube videos, the online techniques of Jiu Jitsu.We’ve seen the websites that promote teaching in a controlled environment through video training.  You’ve even been able to see videos on this very website. But one question that usually comes up , can i use the techniques i see online in my academy?

Well the immediate answer, all things being equal might be, maybe.

Yes, i said maybe.

While there is no real definitive answer to the question one must be a realist and an idealist at the same time. Many people learn everything from how to cook, to how to fix your car on the internet, and Jiu Jitsu is no different. Some hardcore enthusiasts might argue that learning techniques online can be dangerous and counterproductive, but the fact of the matter is that not all people learn all things the same way.

One individual might pick up certain things online over being instructed for various reasons. A lack of social ability or social anxiety, maybe a desire to learn at their own pace might be a few of the reasons why some people would choose to learn online rather than in person or by an instructor.

While many techniques online are effective by nature, nothing can replace rolling or sparring against a fully resisting opponent. Online techniques can be effective in placing the details into ones subliminal brainwaves the same way technical dvd’s teach a student.  But one thing that may not be beneficial about online training techniques ,there is no instructor there to guide you through the details and mistakes that may be made during the learning process of a specific technique.

The instructor may not agree with learning techniques on the interent or even on dvd and the reason why may be because once a technique is learned  incorrect, it will be difficult to unlearn and relearn it properly. While learning techniques online may be beneficial when used as a supplement, if it is the only source of learning, then a Jiu Jitsu academy might be a better source.

There might be some moves that you might have missed in class or are curious about a move you saw during a competition . While it is possible to learn new moves online or through media, drilling and sparring is still the best way to ” burn ” the moves into your muscle memory.

Other reasons to attend class are the ability to be pinned to the mat by a larger opponent and be able to withstand the discomfort and pain associated with Jiu Jitsu and all things grappling related. No one person can answer the question of what is more beneficial, if you ask 10 people you might get 10 different answers.

Core techniques should be taught in class and online training should be used as a supplement, but that is just one opinion and there may be many more opinions on the subject.

Any training is better than no training, although an accredited school may be the best choice for learning, some people may live in remote areas or cannot commute for one reason or another.

This article was written with the best intentions and should not be taken as fact as much of this written article has come using only opinions and observations. Be safe when using any technique and before starting a strenuous or exercise regimen, consult with your doctor.


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