Metamoris Pro Jiu Jitsu Competition

If you follow BJJ and the grappling scene and have not heard of the recent promotion headed by Ralek Gracie, called Metamoris, you may have either been in space, or under a rock. One of the most anticipated grappling matchups happened during the weekend of October 14th in a match between world champ Andre Galvao and self defense expert Ryron Gracie, grandson of the late Grand Master Helio Gracie , in what would become the match of the decade in terms of BJJ.


While there was talk about how Andre would decimate Ryron, all Ryron had planned to do was shut down Andre’s submission plan, one of which he had implemented on other world class BJJ fighters in ADCC and IBJJF respectively. And the result was a match that showed Ryron relaxing and taking his time for what seemed to be a fight that without any points awarded, would force the competitors to finish using submissions. Ryron while seemingly only defending almost the entire match, had at the end ” turned up the heat ” on Andre, it looked as though Andre although a world champ in his own right, had become fatigued by the time the match was coming to a close.

Several things happened during the entire event, a sway in the way people viewed submission only grappling challenges emerged, and how a world champ could have his gameplan shut down by a non competitor ( although Ryron is no stranger to Jiu Jitsu ) , who had seemingly only trained in his own academy for the life of his BJJ.

Several questions arose after the tournament ended, one of many was ” Is this good for the growth of our sport? ” . The reason why it may seem that some people may question the legitimacy of submission only grappling events is the way competitors do not engage in a way if there are time limits and points scored , it gives the competitor the feeling of being able to ” wait it out ” instead of going for a win if not by submission but merely by points.


Ryron had used the no points and limited time limit to stall Andre and to possibly expose his conditioning, while Andre was able to pass Ryrons guard at will, it wasn’t until close to the end of the match that Ryron began to ” come alive ” .

A great match was fought and both competitors clearly gave it their all, had this tournament been scored on points we feelĀ  Andre Galvao would have won the match, but because no points were scored it ended how Ryron had hoped for .


The other match that was memorable was Roger Gracie x Marcus ” Buchecha ” Almeida. The one word to describe the match was nothing less than INTENSE! At the beginning Roger was attempting to pass Buchechas guard at will seemingly, but what looked to be a dominating performance by Roger, he began to look winded , his endurance may been exposed by the middle of the match, but many factors can be attributed to this observation.


At one point Buchecha attempted a Tornado Guard sweep twice , forcing Roger to react and defend.


Without giving away too much information we urge you to watch the matches for yourself and decide if submission only events are good or bad for our sport.