Manto Pro Shorts Americana Grappling Trunks Review

Manto, a well known and respected Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gear company in the game for many years now, sponsoring such fighters as Braulio Estima, Ryan Hall, Gerard Rinaldi , among other top grappling competitors has introduced  a new line of grappling trunks for the serious minded grappler called Pro Shorts, and we were sent the  Americana named  because of the red white and blue color scheme they follow.

We got these grappling shorts from to review and according to Manto they are made of high quality micro fiber , double layered stretch panel, and with an internal drawstring , they were designed specifically for the grappler and MMA fighter alike and the attention to detail is what shines through in these shorts.

Moderately priced at around $49, they are attractive as they are functional. For the grappling enthusiast who is looking to step up their game in no gi , the Manto Americana would make a great addition to their arsenal of shorts already in rotation.

The first thing noticed about the Manto Americana Grappling shorts was the comfort, right out of the gate the comfort and fit of the shorts were incredibly perfect. They have the standard velcro close system found in most other grappling shorts design and an internal drawstring that helps to keep the shorts tight .  An elastic waistband makes for a comfortable roll while the internal pocket seemed to be more for show than function , since you realistically can’t roll with a credit card or drivers license inside.

Screen printed into the left side is the giant Manto logo in red and white colors and on the right the Manto name , adding to the already attractiveness of the overall look , Manto went a step further and added what looks like seam tape on the inside of the shorts . The double layered lycra crotch panel came standard as with any other grappling shorts, but make for ease of range of motion when using legs to open the guard while the giant Manto logo on the velcro latch made for a bold statement .

Rolling in the shorts the comfort level maintained throughout and the fabric of choice by Manto made for quick moisture dissipation when rolling heavy. The shorts were used in conjunction with and without an athletic support and no difference was felt when rolling. Shifting of the cup was noted during several scrambles but that may be attributed to the compression shorts/athletic support combo and did not reflect on the Manto shorts performance.

No rips or tears noted in the stitching before and after wash and training, so the durability factor seems to be  tight for the most part.

Overall the shorts performed exceptionally well , and it’s no surprise since Manto has been around the block a few times in regards to design, R & D and materials chosen. The velcro closure did somewhat dig into my stomach and several adjustments had to be made, but nothing too drastic was noted during live rolling. I do have a history of having my shorts shifting so it may have just been my fault that happened with the velcro.

All in all a great pair of shorts that can be used for grappling or mixed martial arts, due to the comfort, style and breath ability of the shorts. It may be too blingy for those who wish to wear plain grappling trunks, but for those grapplers proud to say they chose Manto over the competition, these shorts are the ones to get.

We give the Manto Americana Pro Shorts 5 out of 5 stars .


They are fantastic in every way due to the very important and really the only reason why we would ever train in no gi , comfort. Also styling is very attractive, the elastic waistband makes for take up of excess sizing if in between sizes and the internal drawstring made for ease of tying and remained incognito.

While it is next to impossible to have a completely perfect pair of shorts, the Pro Shorts by Manto came close enough to warrant a 5 star rating based on previous grappling shorts we were able to compare them against, and the flaws we found with these shorts were minimal and almost non-existant.

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-Color Combo


-Internal Drawstring


-Breath ability

-Moisture Dissipation




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