Jiu Jitsu : A Love Story

Dear Jiu Jitsu, I have loved you for so long, for as long as i can remember i am inspired by your determination, your ability to overcome and your ability to get me to love you. I never tried to look for you, i never knew you existed until 1993. When i first saw you i was amazed, how could you be so small yet pack a giant punch? When i first met you, no one knew how much of an impact you would be. The world wasn’t ready for you yet, you forced yourself on us. You found a way to change the world.

After i found what you were all about i felt infatuated at first, the idea that you could take on a larger adversary intrigued me. I was inspired, yet i could never find you after meeting you. My travels brought me to a place where i could finally meet you. When i finally did meet you it was love at first sight! When  i got home after first meeting you i was in love, i couldn’t sleep, i could only think of you. How could i meet you again, i felt like i was on an addiction , crack infused high.

When could i get more? How could i get more? Before meeting you i could only imagine what it would be like to know you, i prepared my life just to be able to meet you one day. My day to meet you had came and gone yet i couldn’t get my mind off of you. I love you Jiu Jitsu, i love all the things you have taught me and what you mean to me. I love the way you make me feel about myself, the way you teach me and how you can help me overcome adversity. But why do you hurt me? Why do you try and take my arm off? I don’t know why i love the way you get me to fight you. How you force your teachings on me , and how you tell me i will be ok, it doesn’t ” feel ” ok, it hurts, but i love it and want more of it. I can only think of how the next time i will try harder, when i get home i will do whatever i can to try and overcome the pain you put me through. I will sacrifice my own life to win the next time we meet.

Dear Jiu Jitsu, i love you for what you teach me, i hate you for when you leave me, i envy you when you help others to get better, and i thank you for changing my belt color.

Dear Jiu Jitsu, i will chase you where ever you go, if i am here i will think of you and i will watch you on tv , watch you on the internet or on dvd’s. I will one day find you and make you turn this belt black from all of the hard work i have put in. My true colors and my love for you will one day turn me black.  All i ask is you don’t change the color of my belt if i don’t deserve it. I don’t want your sympathy or your pity, all i ask is that you give me what i deserve, what you think i am worth. I will one day change from white to blue, from blue to purple, and from brown to black. I will find you, you cannot escape me and my grasp forever.

And when that day comes that you turn me black i will drop to my knees and cry , for my hard work and dedication has finally led me to find you and i am finally able to say , Jiu Jitsu i have found you!