Featured Academy October: Fairfax Jiu Jitsu

Every month JiuJitsuSweep.com will feature an up and coming academy based on competition achievements, Jiu Jitsu lineage or academy size. This month we feature Fairfax Jiu Jitsu from Northern Virginia, a Yamsaki Jiu Jitsu affiliate.

Fairfax Jiu Jitsu is owned and operated by a trio of grappling enthusiasts and world champs, David ” Rock ” Jacobs, Mark Jones and owner of NHBgear.com Sam Kim, and is located at:

13821 Redskin Drive
Herndon, VA 20171

Fairfax Jiu Jitsu’s core curriculum and focus is on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but also offer classes in the  sport of mixed martial arts , Muay Thai/Thai Boxing and traditional Brazilian Martial Art, Capoeira. 

Fairfax Jiu Jitsu’s head instructor and co-owner David Jacobs teaches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the traditional Jiu Jitsu uniform, the gi or Kimono, and also teaches no gi as part of their grappling fundamental program.  Assistant black belt Mark Jones also with an impressive Jiu Jitsu pedigree  ( Click Here for Mark Jones full competition achievements ) , heads the adults & kids program at Fairfax Jiu Jitsu, combining experience with kids and a passion for martial arts, Mark Jones is the perfect candidate to run the kids program at Fairfax Jiu Jitsu.  A recent addition to the Fairfax Jiu Jitsu staff is none other than Abmar Barbosa, ( black belt under Robert Drysdale ) who recently fought a tough match in 2010 against  favorite, Kron Gracie and won!

Black belt and head instructor David Jacobs impressive accomplishments  include:

2011 International Masters Seniors Gold Medalist – Black Belt Featherweight
2009 International Masters Seniors Bronze Medalist – Black Belt Featherweight
2008 No-Gi Pan Ams – Black Belt Adult Featherweight Bronze Medalist
2008 Grapplers Quest US Nationals – Advanced No-Gi Featherweight Champion
2007 Men’s #1 Rated Grappler – Overall World Rankings – GrapplingLeague.com
2007 US Grappling Copa NOVA – Advanced No-Gi Featherweight Champion
2007 Copa Atlantica – Advanced No-Gi Featherweight Champion
2007 Grapplers Quest North American Championships – Advanced No-Gi Featherweight Champion
For his full list of accomplishments Click Here

At 10,000 square feet, Fairfax Jiu Jitsu is one of the largest training facilities in the area, and with 3 experienced black belts and key fundamentals, with 4,200 square feet of nothing but the highest quality mats to roll freely on, 2 training rooms , Muay Thai heavy bags , padded wall mats and the features of Fairfax Jiu Jitsu go on and on, no other facility in the area comes close.

If you were  to say competition experience and a history of winning is what one is looking for in an academy, Fairfax Jiu Jitsu has the background, the experience and the lineage to further your Jiu Jitsu career. Whether you are looking to lose weight, supplement your grappling fundamentals or learn self defense in a controlled and safe environment, when in the North Virginia area visit Fairfax Jiu Jitsu for all of your martial arts needs.

For a limited time receive 2 weeks free of unlimited training and enjoy all that Fairfax Jiu Jitsu has to offer , including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, mixed martial arts, Muay Thai and/or Capoeira. Other gyms only offer one martial art as a free trial, Fairfax Jiu Jitsu offers all of their martial arts free for 2 weeks, an industry exclusive offer, so don’t miss out on a fantastic opportunity to train with the best in Northern Virginia, for more information visit www.FairfaxJJ.com