Eddie Bravo Fires Back

Recently there was a video that had surfaced regarding Rodrigo Comprido Madeiros calling out Eddie Bravo in regards to his Marijuana use. He stated that Eddie Bravo was an ” idiot ” and that he shouldn’t be promoting Marijuana use in his books or videos because kids and other people who may look into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu may get the wrong idea about the sport.

On one side of the fence Comprido , who is a highly respected Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt , has a point. His point being that kids who may want to start practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu may not get the blessing of their parents and won’t get the support needed to begin studying, let alone training the art, due to the negative light Marijuana use and promotion by Eddie Bravo can bring. For anyone unfamiliar with Marijuana and what it does , it is a plant grown for the sole purpose of altering the mind by smoking or ingesting the chemicals in the Hemp plant ( for more information regarding what it is visit  justice.gov. ) and it is illegal except in states that allow the use for medical purposes.

On the other hand Eddie Bravo has stated that he doesn’t promote it to young kids nor does he push his views onto other people but merely is a Marijuana advocate who uses it to open up his creative mind and to help him with his Jiu Jitsu and to educate the public regarding what benefits it can have if used properly.

He recorded a video as a rebuttal to Comprido’s comments and depending on what side of the fence you are on in regards to what benefits Marijuana has or what negative effects can result from the use , one thing is for certain, the topic is heating up !

The original video by Comprido is here

And Eddie Bravo’s rebuttal is here

You be he judge and decide for yourself who you think has the finer points of the argument. The way i see it, if Marijuana was safe it would be legal. And since i wouldn’t really like to risk getting caught wih an illegal drug i choose not to embark on that journey no matter what the benefits of marijuana use may be. Either way if it helps your Jiu Jitsu great, but if it doesn’t , then i wouldn’t risk it.

What do you think?