Break Point Ultra Light Standard BJJ Gi Review

Break PointFC a major player in the presence of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu equipment and gear has been around for some time now, we have seen the familiar BP logo and their dedication to designing , marketing and manufacturing  BJJ Gi’s has gone unsurpassed. To say Break Point is dawning onto the world stage is being modest, they have made great strides in the past few years with their customer relations , participating in BJJ sponsorships and even going so far as to donating money from the sales of their BP Break Point/British Petroleum Limited edition Gi to the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill relief fund.

In our book, that is Karma at it’s finest!


They sent us the Ultra Light Standard BJJ Gi in a size A3  for review and one of the things we noticed was the apparent care it took to package the Kimono. Nestled within a reusable knapsack style of ” carrying case” it is clearly marked with the finer details as it arrived at our doorstep. Complete with flyers, and other promotional items also going along for the ride, Break Point is set to get the word out on their fine products one customer at a time.
Opening the knapsack to reveal the Ultra Light Standard Kimono we removed the Gi to inspect and we found a very interesting Kimono inside. Very light yet strong the deep black color of the item in question is what caught our immediate attention. Priced relatively fair at around $105 through   ( and other fine retailers including ) it sits at the mid to top end of the entry level BJJ Gi price range  the Ultra Light Standard Kimono has about as much value as any other similarly priced Gi’s and we’ll touch more on that later.

According to Break Point the Gi hovers around 3.5 lbs in weight and is made of a one piece construction, standard in today’s BJJ Gi manufacture process and is 95% pre shrunk. We took pre and post wash measurements using standard Inch measurements and washed in cold water and hung dried for 24 hours before remeasuring and will reflect those findings later in the review process.


And now on with the review!


The jacket:

Made of a one piece fabric with no seam in the back and made of Pearl weave , the fabric of choice by Break Point , the Ultra Light Standard Gi is lightweight and strong with reinforcements in all high stress areas including the slits, and armpits.

The collar is of a standard thickness sitting amongst other gi brands but relatively strong for it’s size.  The contrast white stitching makes for a break up of the all black Kimono helping to distract the eye from the solid coloring, it was neither good nor bad although some may comment it distracts from the overall design of the Kimono, we found it to be neither a plus or a minus in this case.

Upon putting the Kimono on and getting the feel for the Gi it felt somewhat baggy in the torso area, this may be caused by one of two reasons either 1) The Kimonos run big or 2) We misjudged the official size chart on Break Points website and chose a size too big for our review. We strongly suggest contacting Break Point prior to ordering the Ultra Light Standard Gi and having your body dimensions readily available for a proper fit if you like snug fitting Kimonos , if you are a person who doesn’t mind the sizing then the official size chart should put you within your sizing range when ordering.

Break Point opted to go with embroidery in their logos over patches on this particular model , a nice touch to an otherwise plain gi top, perfect for those grapplers wishing to maintain form and function over style and bling, yet still having enough style to make a statement of their Gi brand of choice .  The BP logos sit on the arms of the Kimono and are very well constructed as we don’t see any fraying or thread dissipation in the fabricating of the embroidery.

Very well done Break Point!

During the measuring of the Gi top post wash we did find a substantial amount of shrinkage . Using cold water wash and hang drying ( please note we never machine dry any Gi under any circumstance as we feel that A) it shortens the fabric  life of the Gi and B) Not every one has a dryer in their possession ) and have noted it in our pre and post wash sizing chart.


The pants:

Made of cotton twill fabric the pants are a great asset to the Ultra Light Standard Gi as they truly are lightweight and almost feel as though there is nothing there , the weight of the pants alone are what we assume is the bulk of the weight cutting in Break Points statement of the Gi weight averaging 3.5 lbs.

With typical knee reinforcements found in other Gi maker pants and the same white stitching to match the jacket, the pants are super light and comfortable with no binding in the crotch or cuffs.

One of the things we did notice pre wash was the color of the pants were somewhat lighter and a different hue than the Gi top, now that may not have any effect on the white model or the functionality  of the Gi ,but  we did feel it was something worth noting if fading becomes an issue in the future and  for those doing research on the Ultra Lightweight Standard by Break Point.

One of the other interesting things we noted during the rolling or testing phase was the way the drawstring tied. Uniquely enough we initially tied the drawstring in the usual way other Gi pants we have tested tied, and low and behold it tightened up in the front ! It looks as though Break Point had went unorthodox with their Gi pants drawstring system of choice.  Tying the pants wasn’t any problem but the front tightening system did have it’s flaws. During rolling it came undone several times, even stopping to make a double knot  after tightening the drawstring extra tight. It did the trick to keep the pants tied , but if someone doesn’t know about the front drawstring it may be a hassle.

We were satisfied  with the way the Gi pants  performed , the extra room and lightweight negated the rest of the drawbacks in regards to the pants, although there are other Gi makes using rip stop material to keep things light, Break point has made great strides in keeping the pants light yet strong with the Ultra Light Standard Gi.

Aesthetically the pants have the BP logo embroidered into the left side and seam tape on the inside of the cuffs with a typical flat drawstring for ease in manipulating the pants shut.


The Break point Standard Ultra Lightweight Gi was a fairly good Gi during training and we feel it might be a good buy for the starting grappler, it also is a good  Gi for the grappler wishing to train during the summer months or for low ventilated academies, while there were no “wow” factors that blew us away, it is however a great Gi for the price. Given the amount of R & D that goes into manufacturing Gi’s  at any one time, the Ultra Light Standard by Break point is an excellent choice when buying an entry level BJJ Gi.

The bagginess of the jacket wasn’t a factor during live rolling but we felt it was something worth noting for anyone doing research on a Gi for fit purposes and the significant amount of shrinkage ( see our pre and post wash measurements for more details ) was also something worth noting .


In conclusion :

The Ultra Light Standard Gi by Break Point is a well rounded Gi with enough features to warrant a happy grappler, but not too much bling to stand out , we feel it would be best suited for a grappler just starting out and looking to get a decent Gi for a good price. The weight alone was a key factor and a great asset overall, but the shrinkage canceled out the weight . If it had minimal shrinkage we may have rated it a bit higher, but due to the fit and somewhat baggy sizing of the jacket we are going to give it 3 out of 5 stars on our Gi scale.


We are sure Break Point will be making great strategic moves in the BJJ Kimono department and we won’t be overlooking their future products in the years to come.




-Well constructed

-Light weight

-Drawstring system is different



-Drawstring system if not tied tight the drawstring may come undone

-Baggy fit

-Pants and jacket mismatched Hue


Official sizing chart

5’2″-5’5″ 110-135 A-0
5’5″-5’8″  135-160 A-1
5’8″-5’11” 160-185 A-2
5’11”-6’2″ 185-220 A-3
6’2″-6’4″ 220-255 A-4
6’3″-6’6″ 255-285 A-5

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