Break Point Rash Guard Review

Recently Break Point, a well known and respected BJJ Gi manufacturer, has come out with a line of rash guards to go under your BJJ Gi, normally to help prevent the fabric from your Kimono from scratching your skin when rolling or training ranging in colors for the ranked BJJ practitioner from blue to black and other attractive assorted colors too , they sent us the blue one for review.

Right off the bat the rash guard ( also called a ” rashie ” ) having been made of 84% Performance polyester and 16% spandex according to Break Point , is immediately known it is made of quality material and incredibly tight stitching, the colors are deep and the designs look to have been created by a visionary in tune with the BJJ no gi grappler in mind. With just enough bling to create buzz but not too over-the-top to warrant ridicule , the Break Point rash guards find the balance between form and function while using attractive colors and quality materials.

It features the BP logo on the left and right sleeves with Break Point across the chest and they can be bought in a variety of colors. At the top end of the rash guard pricing retailing for $49.99 the Break Point Rash guards are a great supplement to any grapplers no gi game or for use to prevent scratching or fraying of the skin.

The stitching is incredibly tight and is made of several pieces of fabric sewn together. During rolling the fabric made great use of pulling moisture away from the skin and despite being a heavily sweaty person , i didn’t feel overly hot or uncomfortable with it under my Gi. It made for training partners who were more than appreciative when using the rash guard due to the lack of dripping when in side control or north-south position.
We certainly recommend the Break Point Rash Guard to any grappler looking to have that certain look and feel of a quality rash guard while keeping the practicality of what a rash guard brings.

The only thing we did notice was a slight smell of what we perceive to be initial post production chemicals possibly used to deter moths or fabric eating insects, but a quick wash and hang dry took the smell out.

Other than that we give the Break Point Rash Guard a 4 out of 5 stars for attractiveness , functionality, style and construction.


We have had the misfortune of other rash guards prematurely tearing and refused to publish our findings , this rash guard had none of that present so we were able to write about the quality with pride and confidence.








-Post production chemical smell ( possibly used to preserve the fabric )

We predict Break Point providing innovative products to go with the already great gear they sell in the future.

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