Black Eagle Predator MKII Jiu Jitsu Gi Review

The Black Eagle Predator MKII Jiu Jitsu Gi is the latest in Black Eagles line of premium Jiu Jitsu gi’s.  Black Eagle over the course of it’s 6 year history , has been an up and coming martial arts manufacturer in the United Kingdom providing martial arts uniforms in the disciplines of Karate, Judo , Jiu Jitsu and more. With Black Eagles commitment to quality over it’s 6 year history, the Predator MKII is no exception.

The Packaging

Incredibly when i order a Jiu Jitsu gi i tend to notice the finer details upon arrival. The Black Eagle MKII arrived at my doorstep surprisingly fast, despite my doorstep being in the USA and Black Eagles headquarters being in the UK.

Upon arrival i noticed the incredibly secure way the packaging arrived, being wrapped in a tight, industrial , type of packaging before even opening it i had a feeling of a high quality product.  It was wrapped neatly inside another clear bag and when my site gazed onto the gi, i instantly fell in love with the deep blue color!

The Jacket
When i removed the jacket and pants from the packaging i noticed the Black Eagle emblem on the shoulders, lapel, and rear were stitched on and not a patch sewn on , an industry exclusive move by Black Eagle, and  it looks as though the gamble on the stitching has paid off for the company. The Black Eagle Predator MKII gi features the Predator emblem stitched on the front of the lapel, as to say ” Hey i represent quality!” , and the Predator emblem on the rear as well.  The jacket is made of Pearl Weave and a one piece design, so fear of tearing is non-existent. The quality of the fabric is very similar to the higher priced Jiu Jitsu gi’s, my Bad Boy single weave gi actually feels weaker by comparison and with higher the price.  The jacket sleeves do feel a bit long for the fit, but it is always easier to reduce fabric than to add.

The skirt of the jacket in size feels great , not too short and not too long , much like the higher priced gi’s, the Predator MKII feels as high quality as the other gi manufacturers. With attractive shoulder emblem stitching , i feel this gi has a one-of-a-kind styling and not too flashy and not too much for the eye. Simple yet effective and attractive, the jacket is sure to turn heads in your academy or at any BJJ competition. The color is a deep dark  blue, many other blue gi’s tend to be on the lighter side of blue, and of course with colored gi’s you cannot put any bleach on this one.

The Pants

The pants of the Predator MKII are also made of rip stop material, and very strong. Deceiving to the untrained eye the pants ” look” as though they are soft and cuddly, but with the touch of the hand you will quickly  notice the strength and robust fabric. I compare these to the fabric  Atama uses in most of their gi’s. The tie system of the pants uses 6 loops instead of the usual 2 or 3 loops, so the drawstring is sure to stay put. The drawstring is your typical twill drawstring used in many gi pants.

The pants come with the Black Eagle logo on the left and right side of the pants with the 4 major flags in BJJ including the USA, the UK, Japan and lastly the birthplace of BJJ, Brazil.  The fit of the pants are great in the seat and crotch area, they don’t fit snug but not too loose either, the fit of the pant legs do feel a bit long, but a few washes and the pant legs should come up a bit.

In Conclusion

The Black Eagle Predator MKII Jiu Jitsu Gi is a high quality product which met or exceeded my expectations. With newer gi companies looking to get established the quality can sometimes be  questionable , with Black Eagle it is not.  Even though the company has only been around for 6 years, the high standards and laser point accuracy of its manufacturing process stands out amongst some of the other , newer companies.

The Black Eagle MKII Jiu Jitsu Gi would most likely be used with a grappler who has already been practicing Jiu Jitsu for a few years .  The Predator Jiu Jitsu Gi is ideal for training or competing in since it is not overwhelming with logos and patches. The Predator MKII Gi has the strength and durability to last for years of training, through those rough and intense Jiu Jitsu sessions, The Predator MKII is sure to fit in anyone’s closet of gi’s, with colors that come in white, blue or black , the Predator MKII Gi made by Black Eagle are here to stay.

In retrospect i give this Jiu Jitsu gi an overall score of 4.5 out of 5 stars. It would have been a prefect gi except for the only flaw i found were the jacket sleeves being too long and the pant legs being too long.  I can confidently say Black Eagle will be around for a long time to come , given the standards of the manufacturing process, the Predator MKII will be the gi to look out for .


-High quality strong fabric

-Strong stitching

– Stitched emblems

– Attractive styling

– Durable and light

– Strong Pearl Weave


– Jacket sleeves too long

– Pant legs too long

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