Convicted Felon Chose Wrong Man to Rob – An MMA Fighter

In a story out of Chicago, Illinois  a would be mugger decided to roll the dice when he decided to rob a man , who just happened to be a mixed martial arts fighter.
Chicago police say Anthony Miranda walked up to a parked car near 55th and Kenneth on the city’s Southwest Side about 11:30 p.m Sunday . and asked the driver for a lighter.
When the driver stated he didn’t have one, the suspect allegedly pulled a pistol, and pointed it at the driver and demanded money.
After the driver gave up some money, Miranda ordered the driver out of the car.

At some point during the holdup, the mugger’s attention was diverted and the victim of the mugging was able to take control of the gun and the two wrestled for supremacy of the firearm.

During the scuffle, Miranda accidentally shot his gun, shooting himself in the ankle.

The victim, who told detective’s he’s a practicing martial arts expert and ultimate fighting champion ( name being with held to protect his identity ) , was able to pin Miranda down until police arrived. When police arrived they found Miranda with a face full of cuts and two black eyes. Miranda was taken to Holy Cross Hospital for treatment, police said.

Miranda, who is a convicted felon, was charged with armed robbery and aggravated discharge of a firearm, a Class X felony according to The Cook County Sherriff’s Department.

Miranda was ordered held on $350,000 bond Sunday.

Court records show he has several convictions, including at least one for a residential burglary and he is now facing additional time in prison if convicted.

Source of the article taken from The Chicago Sun-Times.


In a twisted way , the majority feeling is he deserved what he got and we hope he thinks twice about robbing anyone from now on. Kids, let this be a lesson, crime doesn’t pay.