Apollo Fight Gear Omega Gi Review

We love reviewing start up gi companies due to the fact that imagination has no limits or boundaries, sometimes they make their own rules and don’t let the industry dictate their path.

We were sent the Omega gi made by Apollo Fight Gear with the help of Meerkatsu ( we thank you for the referral ) , one of the more popular BJJ artists and designers on the scene today , and while we like to review established companies products, it’s those few diamonds in the rough we find very interesting.

Mark Finlay CEO of Apollo Fight Gear sent us the Omega gi for review in size A2 with  a starting price of $120 USD ( and includes free shipping on all gi’s )  , being that my stats are 5’9″ ( 1.75 M ) tall and 195 lbs ( 88.45 Kg ) , we were advised the A2 would be best to review since the Apollo Gi’s run big, it was sent in a box via USPS and packaged neatly in a bag with an extra patch to place anywhere on the gi, but we chose not to ( this will be discussed a little later on as why ) so it was agreed we would try it on for size for an initial impression.

Right out of the box we noticed the gi had the patches embroidered on and into the fabric itself, a feature that can either be something you really , really hate, or really really love, they sent us the gi in white and after seeing the blue and black gi , we agreed it was a wise choice, only because the color schemes work well with white, but before we get into the official review of this gi, let’s look at the technical specs .


The Omega by Apollo stats are as follows  ; The jacket is 550 gram gold weave, made of 100% cotton. The pants are 9.5 oz also made of 100% cotton ripstop and the material is Sanforized, which means it has been rolled through a steamer and stretched, and according to Apollo, it isn’t necessary to soak in vinegar to let the color set ( if getting the blue  or black  ) , right out of the box the gi is ready to roll in .

The Jacket:

We can begin the review by pointing out the feel of the gi, starting with the jacket , it is soft to the touch but the material felt somewhat thick, not a bad thing by any means but felt it was worth noting, the gold weave felt like it was supposed to, but not rough like some other gold weaves, being that gold weave is a hybrid it felt exactly that , a mix of pearl and double , but neither was stronger than the other . It features a rubber insert in the lapel which feels really thick and solid ( we have noted in the past more and more gi companies turning to thick collars )  , and although it was difficult to get collar choked, it felt somewhat ” stiff ” , meaning it didn’t give way to bending, but we are hoping that after more use it would relax the collar/lapel a bit more .

The black contrast stitching looked about as straight as any other gi we have reviewed and after several wash & dry cycles, the stitching remains intact, although not completely perfectly straight  as a laser pointed device would have made, it wasn’t all over the fabric like some start up gi companies may have and it gives the gi ” personality ” which adds to it’s uniqueness.

Seam tape at the bottom of the skirt gives it a nice touch which reads ” Sweat more in training , bleed less in battle ” .

The jacket has the typical reinforcements on the arm pits and jacket slits, tightly stitched there were no looseness noted after several training sessions and washing and hang drying, although just for reviews sake it was dried in a dryer to see how much it could shrink and it did shrink significantly in the arms and jacket, but do to the cotton design , it stretched back to original size after training . We don’t recommend machine drying due to this observation and if you hang dry the gi you should be fine .

We touched a little bit about the styling of the gi, and initially the logos looked and felt like they were randomly placed all over the gi, but the more we looked at it and wore it, and admired it, the more the gi grew on our initial feeling . They do include an extra patch to place on the gi, but given the amount of logos and different color combinations we decided not to, and left it off.

The gi has the word ” Apollo ” across the lower skirt on the back , the Greek symbol for Omega on the front lapel in gold, and the company logo on either shoulder.

The logos as we said earlier are stitched into the fabric so you BJJ enthusiasts who like to remove patches or use seam rippers to remove logos may have a hard time with this gi. Personally the logos could have been scaled back just a tad bit, but since the idea and imagination was of someone else’s vision , we cannot change ideas, only point out what we felt we liked or disliked about the gi and if given the chance we would have made the large gold logos smaller or use a different color scheme for the shoulder logos. This should in no way affect the performance of the gi, it is just  preference and observation.

The Pants:

Made of ripstop cotton, they feature a rope drawstring with 4 loop holes, the same contrast stitching as the jacket can be found on the pants but one thing we noticed that we have never seen as of yet, the gusset is also reinforced ! Yay!

Why is that such a big deal? Well, for starters we haven’t seen this yet and found it kind of exciting ( yeah i know, really? ) and second ,  there is no chance of the gusset tearing away from the pants during a roll, some people may take this for granted while others have had the displeasure of having their gi pants rip exposing their, ahem, um , yeah you get the point.

Reinforcement came by way of the entire leg, which normally you find only the knees being reinforced BUT, the Apollo gi’s are reinforced from the mid thigh all the way down to the pant cuff. It seems as though Apollo Fight Gear have thought of everything when researching and developing a gi, despite the youth of this company it seems they know what to look for in a quality BJJ gi and have used that information to produce a one to their own standards .

In Conclusion:


The fit of the gi actually exceeded my expectations, normally with new companies , the excitement and enthusiasm take a back seat to research and development but according to Apollo, they test every gi model they make to some of the highest standards, and it truly shows in the fit and comfort of the gi.

While we did notice some shrinking of the gi jacket as seen in the measurements in the photos, it wasn’t significant enough to stay shrunk like some other gi’s ( hello Fuji ) and after warm ups and having sleeves pulled ( like being in someones Spider guard ) the fit of the gi bounced back to original size.

You can see in the photos the fit is about as great as it gets. Normally i prefer a baggier gi due to needing extra room , but in this case the fit of the gi is more like fitting like a glove and i would say the fit and comfort of the gi are the biggest factors in this model, AND  am truly hopeful they do not change this aspect of the gi as the Apollo has elbowed it’s way into my heavy rotation.

In retrospect ,Apollo Fight Gear is still on it’s upswing as far as a company as a whole , and expect to see some great products coming from this young company in the next coming years .








-Logo Placement

-Color combination on colored gi’s


We give the Apollo Fight Gear Omega Gi a solid 4 out of 5 stars due to fit , comfort and durability, after several sessions of hard BJJ training , washing, hang drying and also machine drying, the gi felt and looked as though it came right out of the box, it is a solid gi with solid reinforcements and had the styling been a little bit more thought out, it may have gotten a perfect score of 5 stars.

With so many different variations on gi styling, fit, materials, fabric choice, pant combination, price etc. there are literally thousands of combinations you can choose for the end result from gi factories,and hopefully Apollo Fight Gear maintain that relationship with their manufacturer.

For more information on price and availability of the Omega by Apollo Fight Gear visit Apollo Fight Gear website.